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Untimely Fate

Swift justice is dealt across a town in peril, as our trio begins to show their true colors. Complete with brand new edits

Nuisance in Norbury

Moving to the next town, our adventurers learn that a beast has been slaying livestock, and a local shopkeep enlists their help to stop the bloodshed.

Tea Time Two

We take a break from our regular role playing to discuss the story, the characters, each other, and answer some listener questions.

Pop a Squat

One problem is set aside as Les Trois Chouchous encounter inanimate animation, mysterious holes, and death! Also letters, shapes, and numbers. Ooooo so scary!

FЯEE Booty

Yves, Benny, and Hogom set off on the trail to the Council of Five Queens. An sign in the road brings a ground-shaking surprise. 

We’ve Lost Weeks

The gang kicks back at their favorite tavern for some tavern games. Merriment and drinking are in full swing as The Prancing Horse celebrates its grand re-opening.

We Like to Watch

After arriving back in Tora, a new quest comes from an old friend. Just go pick up the bartender. How hard can that be? Are you in?