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Season 3 Episodes

Begins after the 2020 “We just need a break” break [Oct ’20 – Present]. Posted oldest episode first. Will be updated as new episodes and transcripts come out.

Untimely Fate

Swift justice is dealt across a town in peril, as our trio begins to show their true colors. Complete with brand new edits

Nuisance in Norbury

Moving to the next town, our adventurers learn that a beast has been slaying livestock, and a local shopkeep enlists their help to stop the bloodshed.

Tea Time Two

We take a break from our regular role playing to discuss the story, the characters, each other, and answer some listener questions.

Pop a Squat

One problem is set aside as Les Trois Chouchous encounter inanimate animation, mysterious holes, and death! Also letters, shapes, and numbers. Ooooo so scary!

Season 2 Episodes

The episodes from after the Holiday Break 2019 up until the 2020 “We just need a break” break [Feb ’20- Sept ’20]. Will be updated as transcripts come out.

FЯEE Booty

Yves, Benny, and Hogom set off on the trail to the Council of Five Queens. An sign in the road brings a ground-shaking surprise.