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We’ve Lost Weeks

The gang kicks back at their favorite tavern for some tavern games. Merriment and drinking are in full swing as The Prancing Horse celebrates its grand re-opening.

We Like to Watch

After arriving back in Tora, a new quest comes from an old friend. Just go pick up the bartender. How hard can that be? Are you in?

Annameike’s Magic Boutique

Welcome to Annameike’s Magic Boutique. See what we have to offer. 1 gold coin for your fortune. Trades accepted. Boutique is not responsible for loss of limb or spontaneous travel.

Are They Perytons?

Our adventurers are faced with fire, deceit, and monsters as they continue their hunt for Laney. And that poor bandit is still tied to a tree.

For the Greater Good

With Maureen now safe from Laney, is she safe from our three kidnappers- I mean adventurers? Does the smoldering temple hold a secret? How many buckets does Benny have now?

Tea Times

A collection of the episodes where the cast take a step back from playing to discuss the story and spill some tea.