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How to help right now

  • Black Lives Matter – find local resources, current chapters and ways to help or donate. 
  • BLMHT – This is compiling different ways to help immediately from both inside and outside the USA, bail/mutual aid funds, protest safety tips, educational videos, email templates etc, etc, etc. There is a ton of useful resources here, please make sure to keep checking back, and explore the content
  • QueerBLM – a with places to donate to help black LGBTQ+ individuals
  • Police Brutality Center – This organization provides resources and help for families that are affected by excessive or unnecessary force by law enforcement. Check out their advocacy site.
  • NYC BMAI Apply Pressure Virtual Action Toolkit – here are some resources and ways to apply pressure to your local government to change. 
  • Threader – Additional ways to play your part when you don’t have the funds to donate 
  • Guide to Allyship – an updating, open source guide. Right now it has the basics of what an ally truly is, what and what not to do, how to handle mistakes and more
  • A huge document compiling Anti-Racism resources for white people young and old
  • Black Visions Collective
    The 2017-founded Black Visions Collective focuses mainly on expanding Black influence in the Twin Cities metro area and Minnesota, they are also heavily involved in delivering Black Lives Matter protest’s mobilization and action plans. You can keep up with them on Instagram, where the group is currently promoting a petition to defund the Minneapolis Police, or donate to collective in general through this page shared on its website. 

Extra Resources

I will be updating this as often as I can, and will be organizing it in the future. While a lot of the resources are American, I am working on getting more global info

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