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Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1

We introduce ourselves and our characters for this new Dungeons and Dragons podcast. 

Episode 2

The Trials continue for our recruits. Their future in the Guild is on the line with enemies and obstacles in front of them. Can they make it out alive or will the second episode be their last? 

Episode 3

As the Guild looks on, our adventurers prepare to face off against a savage opponent. The Trials are nearly over, but the biggest fight is standing right in front them. Three on one should make for a quick and easy battle, right? 

Episode 4

The Trials continue for our recruits. Their future in the Guild is on the line. The Guild’s suspicious actions have Benny, Yves, and Hogom confused after nearly escaping death. They’ve earned a drink. Time to kick back and enjoy a bucket or two at the local tavern.

Episode 5

Benny and Hogom find an interesting marketplace while Yves discovers the Church of Yoncé has been vandalized.

Episode 6

A break in? Could it possibly be true? Well the only way to solve a break in is through a skill challenge.

Episode 7

With one suspect dead and the other vanished, our adventurers begin to unravel who or what is behind the purple-eyed criminals. 

Episode 8

As the investigation into the Church of Yoncé’s desecration comes to a head, will our adventurers learn the truth beyond the cat mask? Will this evil be stopped or will Mayic rule supreme? I think it’s time for a fight.

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