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Season 1 Episodes

Episode 9

A heated battle comes to a surprising end. Who’s the real bad guy? Who’s truly in charge? Has Marée sold any more buckets? 

Episode 10

A night in the wilderness turns deadly for our three explorers. 

Episode 11

We take a break from playing to discuss what’s happened so far and spill some tea – see this post for the other volumes.

Episode 12

A man lying in the debris riddled road sparks an investigation: Who stole Edwin’s wine?

Episode 13

A small town’s tragedy could be the biggest clue yet for the location of Maureen and Laney. Yves makes a new friend.

Episode 14

With Maureen now safe from Laney, is she safe from our three kidnappers- I mean adventurers? Does the smoldering temple hold a secret? How many buckets does Benny have now?

Episode 15

Our adventurers are faced with fire, deceit, and monsters as they continue their hunt for Laney. And that poor bandit is still tied to a tree.

Episode 16

Bloodlust, temptation, and confusion. Yeah, that about sums this one up. 

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