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Season 2 Episodes

Episode 25

Welcome back listeners! After a Yulemas caper, Laney has been discovered. Yves has one thing on his mind, but Benny has other plans. Mark stops by and says hi.  

Episode 26

One problem is set aside as Les Trois Chouchous encounter inanimate animation, mysterious holes, and death! Also letters, shapes, and numbers. Ooooo so scary! 

Episode 27

We take a break from our regular role playing to discuss the story, the characters, each other, and answer some listener questions. see this post for more volumes.  

Episode 28

Moving to the next town, our adventurers learn that a beast has been slaying livestock, and a local shopkeep enlists their help to stop the bloodshed.

Episode 29

On the hunt for a dangerous beast, no one knows who to trust and who to punish. Let’s face it, everyone is going to get punished. Except for you. You get this episode.

Episode 30

Swift justice is dealt across a town in peril, as our trio begins to show their true colors. Complete with brand new edits.

Episode 31

Thanks for your patience all! So glad to be back. This is a continuation of the previous episode, so if you’re not caught up, go back to at least episode 29. The battle rages on as Angelica swoops in, then all hell breaks loose. 

Episode 32

The party wraps up their time in Norbury, sharing their findings with Gagrim. Hogom goes for a ride, Yves performs a holy ceremony, and Benny tries to rogue her way to more magic items.

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