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Season 2 Episodes

Episode 33

Hey Mark. You’re my favorite.

Episode 34

A familiar foe attempts to capture our duo as they continue on their journey. Can Yves and Benny’s quick thinking help them escape or will they just become damsels in distress? 

Episode 35

As new players have entered our world, their first night with Yves and Benny is disturbed by a young woman with a simple request.

Episode 35.5

Chaos reigned supreme this week, so instead of a normal storyline episode, we are bringing you behind the scenes for what happens before the recording. Did you know Kris is always recording? *shifts eyes side to side and leans in* …always. See here also.

Episode 36

A new town brings peculiar items and strange requests for assistance. Benny, Tara, and Yves flex their creative muscles while Jet just flexes her biceps. An opportunity of riches has our team intrigued.

Episode 37

A cursed item derails the group just before the big show, bringing an unexpected change to the whole cast. Difficult decisions must be made to break the curse, but at what cost?

Episode 38

The players continue the quest to reclaim their rightful character after the previous sacrifice. Can they return back to the normal world? At what cost?

Episode 39

The changes in one character are too much to handle, while the others deal with a new problem. The talent show comes to a close with a grand finale.

Episode 40

Anniversary Episode! RGRP is officially one year old! Thank you for all the love over the past 39 episodes. On to #40: The Mayor’s manor welcomes in the finalists of the talent show. Trust within the group continues to be tested.

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