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Season 2 Episodes

Episode 41

After making it through the first round, players are left to fend for themselves in four one-on-one battles. Can they all make it to the final four? 

Episode 42

The Mayor’s tournament comes to a close as the final four square off. As expected, nothing goes to plan. Nothing.

Episode 43

After a barely fought battle, the crew comes across a new job opportunity from a wealthy mayor that leads them to a dangerous enemy and some new clues about the missing prisoners.

Episode 44

In lieu of a typical episode, we bring you an episode from our Patreon vault. For more exclusive content, check out our patreon

Episode 45

It’s here!!! Part one of the season two finale starts with some light reading before the group finally begins to finds out what happened to the missing prisoners.

Episode 46

A continuation from the previous episode. Make sure you’ve listened to “Part One – The Library” before playing this one. The season concludes with a reunion, as the whereabouts of former captain Marcus Flint have been discovered. Now to figure out how to get him back.

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