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Season 3 Episodes

The newest episodes of our queer dungeons and dragons podcast (D&D). It will be updated with transcripts as we make them.

Episode 47

We’re back! Season Three starts now. Our adventurers find themselves at sea with no memory of how they got there. Who’s behind this? And the real question, what is for dinner?

Episode 48

The plot thickens as new clues come to light. The party can’t help but split up, even with. a murderer on the loose. Has no one seen a horror movie before?

Episode 49

After discussing modern gay icons, we join the group for the conclusion of the murderous dinner party. Who is acting sus? Did you catch anyone popping out of the vent? Find out now!

Episode 50

Devastating news and childhood flashbacks bring our party members closer together. That is until they start casting spells on each other. Go figure!

Episode 51

After finally escaping the murder island, Maroon San Francisco enlists the help of our group in exchange for a valuable item.  

Episode 52

Joined by Maroon San Francisco, the group gets into some pyromania while trying uncover who is causing problems for ShrexWerk Bay. Yves encounters an old foe while Benny reunites with a long lost friend. 

Episode 53

The group is joined by our dear friend Hogom to once again save Yulemas! An intruder has taken out Kringle and conquered the Beaver Hampton Expanse. Can Yulemas be saved?  

Episode 54

Part Two of Yulemas 2020. The crew as breached the ice maze and now stands before Kringle’s workshop. Is there still time to save Yulemas?

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