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Special Episodes

A Yulemas Disaster 2019 – Episode 24

Our players come upon an unraveling Yulemas celebration. Kringle has gone missing and no gifts were left for the children. 

A Yulemas Reunion 2020 – Episode 53

The group is joined by our dear friend Hogom to once again save Yulemas! An intruder has taken out Kringle and conquered the Beaver Hampton Expanse. Can Yulemas be saved? 

A Yulemas Reunion 2020 – Episode 54

Part Two of Yulemas 2020. The crew as breached the ice maze and now stands before Kringle’s workshop. Is there still time to save Yulemas?

Bonus- Patreon Sneak Peak – Episode 44

In lieu of a typical episode, we bring you an episode from our Patreon vault. For more exclusive content, check out our Patreon

Bonus- Behind the Scenes – Episode 35.5

Chaos reigned supreme this week, so instead of a normal storyline episode, we are bringing you behind the scenes for what happens before the recording. Did you know Kris is always recording? *shifts eyes side to side and leans in* …always.

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