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Roll Gay RolePlay – The Entrance

Kris Barsanti creates a fantastical world in this real play, real gay, Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition podcast. With players Tisha as Benny the anxious rogue, Jonathan as Yves the slaying Paladin, Mark as Hogom the gross but loveable Fighter, Katie as Jet, the always hard fighter, and Branden as Tara the snarky wizard.
78 episodes June 2019-Aug 2021

Roll Gay RolePlay – Cursed

Kris Barsanti DMs the crew again, but this time things are about to get Fae-er. Did that joke land? Fae-er …get it, it’s like gayer but with more faeries. Anyway, Meet Humphrey Evan Afer played by Branden, Cherry Chapo played by Katie, Florals in Spring played by Jonathan, and Edith WinsThere After played by Tisha as they embark on a world filled with whimsey and other things more ominious than whimsey.


Coming soon!

R.G.R.P. – The Synagaga

Coming soon!

Case Studies
(not actually)

Case Study Multifaceted

Roll Gay RolePlay has been one of the most effective ways to combine cool and gay and nerdy all together into the general population

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Case Study Exposure to queer content

People are more exposed to the LGBTQIA community when they consume RGRP’s content

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(these are real)




Fun times

I’ve never even played Dungeons and Dragons but this podcast is super easy to follow along with and understand what’s goin on. But mostly it’s super fun to listen to the characters and how they interact. Each one is just perfect, and their interactions are amazing. I feel like they’re my new best friends, they just don’t know it yet.

Mc marcopolo master, 07/18/2019

Lively and entertaining

Audio quality is on point and character play is very immersive. Listening to other D&D podcasts after this one left me disappointed.

Dramaland, 09/19/2019


Kris, do more bread and butter pickle shots! SHOTS! Shots! Shots! Everybody! I love all the cast and the campaign and the energy of the group!!! MARK PLEASE COME BACK!!!!

Bubby91, 12/12/2020

Yoncé be with you!

This podcast is top shelf! I have listened to all kinds of D&D podcasts that took a stab at queer representation but this is the first one I’ve listened to that makes the whole world completely homonormative and I am here for it! Every character is a gem and the group plays together so well I was surprised to learn this wasn’t just a group of friends that decided to take their weekly D&D sessions to the airwaves. Keep up the good work y’all!

Kid Lahni, 02/18/2020

Great podcast!

Love this podcast! Been listening every week and you are all amazing!

Nico J Rodriguez, 02/28/2020

A fav

This is literally my favorite podcast. I listen on another app, but i downloaded this app just to 5star ya’ll. I have tried so hard to find other really good lgbt dnd podcasts but this one makes me laugh the hardest. And I feel like the cast does a better job of offering personality and depth to their characters than the other dnd podcasts I’ve tried so far.

Daveyrawrxxx, 03/02/2021

Fantastic fun time!

Such a fun group of people I love every moment of the show and boy is it a wild ride! Rule nazis be warned we play fast and loose here 😭😭😭

Talarac, 09/06/2020