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Roll Gay Role Play

Join our sassy crew as they daintily slay the most insidious of creatures their dungeon master Kris puts in their path. Our merry group of queers face their fears in a fantasy world where social norms aren’t the only thing thrown out the window.

Brand Spankin’ New Episodes

  • The cast takes a look back at the Cursed story and answers listener submitted questions. Then Kris reveals the missed hidden clues sprinkled throughout the campaign
  • As a little treat between seasons, we bring you another episode full of the cast just dragging each other, including reads, roasts, digs, lies, half-truths, and full-truths.  Please note, we are all still friends and no offense was taken. 
  • Things quickly unravel as a day of preparing the camp turns into a night of survival. Is a supernatural force at work or is someone just copying camp lore?
  • After years of being closed, Camp Nethermouth is reopening for the summer. Three freshmen counselors join a team of seasoned camp staff in a mission of fun and safety for the kids, but a spectral visage in the woods has much darker plans