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Roll Gay Role Play

Join our sassy crew as they daintily slay the most insidious of creatures their dungeon master Kris puts in their path. Our merry group of queers face their fears in a fantasy world where social norms aren’t the only thing thrown out the window.

Brand Spankin’ New Episodes

  • Rux and X'Stasha investigate the home of Tommy Wasabi and make a shocking discovey. While their employees are commiting crimes and solving their first case, Lin Spectre and B.A.E. hit up a club for ladies night.
  • After losing sight on their target, the agency investigates Tommy Wasabi's shop and house hoping to find hints of infidelity. A hidden clue could lead them to Tommy's location, but what does SMT mean?
  • Lin Spectre disguises himself as a customer to scopes out their client's husband, Tommy Wasabi. All the detectives have to do now is keep an eye on Tommy. What could possibly go wrong? 
  • The Bae-Lin You Out detective agency takes on an urgent case involving a blonde bombshell and her husband's whereabouts. With less than 24 hours to crack the case, they hatch a foolproof plan: locate husband and follow him. What could possibly go wrong?