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Get to know us


Kris (he/him) is our incredible DM. Without Kris none of this would have happened. He is the white glue that holds us together. He enjoys puzzles and remembering 150+ digits of Pi. If you want to see more of Kris, check out his Tik Tok, visit him on Twitter or our Patreon. If you would like to purchase a gift for Kris, visit his wishlist

Our players

Tisha (she/her)

Plays as Benny (she/her) and Edith (she/her). She likes long walks on the beach and petting dogs. Find her on Instagram or our Patreon.
If you would like to purchase a gift for Tisha, visit her wishlist

Katie (she/her)

Plays as Jet (she/her) and Cherry Chapo (she/her). She loves her bunnies more than life itself and spends her days in the Great White North. You can find her occasionally on Twitter and more often in the Discord, heart reacting everything. If you would like to purchase her a gift, visit her wishlist.

Jonathan (he/him)

Plays as Yves (he/him) and Florals in Spring (he/him). He enjoys expanding minds, playing rugby and reading a bitch. Find him on Instagram and our Facebook group. You can also subscribe to the Patreon for full access to your boy. If you would like to purchase a gift for Jonathan, visit his wishlist

Mark (he/him)

Plays as Hogom (he/him). Gone but not forgotten from the cast.
If you want to see more about Mark – too bad, all you get is Patreon content and tweets from now on.

Branden (no preference)

Plays as Tara (she/her) and Humphrey (he/they). Their hobbies include painting, anime, and dick. Find them serving lewks on their Insta and our Facebook group. If you would like to purchase a gift for Branden, visit his wishlist

Lindsay (she/her)

Plays as many characters in our Patreon episodes.
She is the hero behind all of our art!
She enjoys living her best life on a tiny island in the middle of nowhere. Find her in the Discord or occasionally on Instagram.

If you would like to gift something to Lindsay, email her a steam gift card to

Have a comment or art for us and don’t want to use any one of our multiple social media platforms to give it to us?